verb (used without object) go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane,

or ship; takea trip; journey:to travel for pleasure. move or go from one place or point to another. proceed or advance in any way.


Life memories are made here!

Forever New Orleans

Home is where your heart lives and New Orleans holds ours forever!

St Louis Cathedral

No visit is complete until you visit the cathedral in Jackson Square.

Talula Travels

Did you know Talula has a EU passport? She loves to travel too!

Punta Cana

Whitney and Linda after the banana boat tipped!

Talula in Capri!

Talula is a well traveled dog and loves getting in her backpack to explore!

Santa Monica Pier

The French Market holds not just history but the food culture of New Orleans. Don't miss it!

Our Tuscan Yard

Living in Tuscany half the year isn't so bad! LOL


We loved visiting the private champagne houses near Paris. What a fun trip with these 2!

Disney here we come!

Caroline's first Disney visit!

T Shirt

This pictures say a lot.

VooDoo, Jazz, Bourbon...


Pompeii was twice as nice with our son, Ryan.


Does this look familiar? 

The capitol building in Havana was designed after the US Capitol!

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