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How do you choose? Part 5

How do you choose? Part 5 The Village!

You won’t find the village of Montefollonico on too many tourist maps. But if you do, you have found a true Tuscan gem.

From a distance, Montefollonico looks like a typical isolated medieval hamlet surrounded by thirteenth-century walls of fired bricks. But once you enter the large double-arched gate…typical is not what you will be thinking. A tiny village with just a few small narrow, winding streets and short, rustic houses are what make Montefollonico authentic, genuine, and delightful.

Monte a Fullonico, as it was called in ancient times, gets its name from the people as well as the place. Monte a Fullonico, as it was called in ancient times. Fullones meaning the people who “worked the cloths”. The village was the “place of cloth workers”.

The village has had its battles, but thanks to its important position, in terms of both political and economic advantages, the hamlet extended its name to the whole surrounding area, and became a crucial point of the Republic of Siena.

Today you will find the original charm of the village intact even with its surrounding land outside the walls.

I cannot imagine having our cooking classes in any other place. The people are warm and welcoming. The scenery brings a new visual surprise every day. The doors are adorned with colorful flowers and the genuine perfect placement of Tuscan pottery never cease to amaze. You won’t find a mall, or a super “anything” store but you will find a perfectly small grocery store, a tiny pharmacy, a fabulous ceramic shop, a historic hotel with a view to die for and several delightful and delicious restaurants.

Although, our cooking classes often bring us to other villages for tours, meals, or even a cooking class, there is no better place to call home than Montefollonico.

We hope you can join us one day soon on the terrace of Relais La Costa for a welcome dinner to start your week of Cook in Tuscany in the village of Montefollonico, Toscana, Italy.

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