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How do you choose? Part 4

How do you choose? Part 4: What being an owner/operator means to us!

It is easy to find a cooking vacation in Italy on the internet. But it isn’t so easy to find one where the owners are also the operators. Many cooking tours are offered by resellers or agencies that never come in personal contact with operation of the tour. We feel this is not an option. We own and operate Cook in Tuscany. We are with our guests from the moment they arrive until it is time to say Ciao.

We take our job very seriously. We are consistently updating our itinerary to ensure the best quality for our guests. We offer a sample schedule on our website and we say “sample” because it is ever-changing to meet the needs of our guests each week. Some of our guests want to see several different types of wineries, some want to cook more or less, and some want time to sit and enjoy the view. While other tours tend to use their original itinerary week after week, we feel the need to change accordingly. We feel it is important to give our guests not just a great trip, but a fun one too. It is always fun to see who will win the red ravioli for their pasta rolling skills and who can win the coveted golden rolling pin for their ability to pronounce the village names correctly.

Being both owners and the operators gives us the ability to give our guests personal service. We are there to provide our guests with an amazing experience in Tuscany. We hope to see you in Montefollonico soon!

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