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How do you choose? Part 3

How do you choose? Part 3: What hands-on cooking classes mean to us!

Hands-on cooking classes can mean anything from watching a chef cook, to a row of cutting boards and knives laid out for everyone to chop the same ingredients. Our classes are full-immersion. We like you to get involved as much (or as little) as you desire. Of course, everyone wants to roll pasta and we agree, it is so much fun, but we want you to stir the pot, stuff the ravioli, cut the herbs and feel like part of the kitchen.

We know some of our guest like to watch with a glass of wine and some want to participate in every part of the cooking experience and that’s why we like to call our classes “Cooking Occasions.” Every cooking occasion is unique to the kitchen and the wonderful woman who will teach you her family’s (passed down by generations) techniques and recipes.

When you arrive at one of our “cooking occasions” it is like going into your grandmother’s kitchen. You are welcome to move around the kitchen, stir pots, add herbs, stuff zucchini flowers with fresh ricotta cheese, cut fresh tomatoes, roll all types of pasta and make sauces that you will make over and over again when you return home.

Our menu always consists of traditional Tuscan dishes made with simple fresh ingredients that are meant to inspire you. We want you to bring the recipes and techniques home to share with your friends and family. And since everyone loves a good occasion…we have “cooking occasions” more than once or twice when you are at Cook in Tuscany.

The one thing we know is that not everyone wants to be fully immersed in a kitchen. That’s okay with us too! You will be put in charge of keeping everyone’s wine glass full and you will still get to eat all the delicious dishes.

So, “Hands-on” means cooking, cutting, rolling, stirring, wine pouring, picture taking, and being involved in every aspect of the cooking occasion that you wish to be involved.

Join us at Cook in Tuscany for a truly hands on cooking occasion!

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