How do you choose? Part 2

How do you choose? Part 2

Balance and what it means to us!

We believe that balance is the key to a great vacation.

Balance-Some tours have you on a bus for hours with only a few stops to see the sights or experience an activity. Some offer one or two cooking classes during the week. Others give you crowed tourist areas to figure out on your own.

Our itinerary truly offers our guests balance. We don’t want you standing in lines or never experiencing the true Tuscan lifestyle. When you are at Cook In Tuscany you get the opportunity to experience more than just a cooking class or one village, you get it all.

Cooking Classes - Our cooking classes are with local women from our village. Visiting local markets and artisans allows you to immerse yourself in the food culture. We believe there is no better way to see a culture than through its food.

Sight Seeing - Our location allows you to visit local and major sightseeing areas without being on a bus for hours. Many of our stops are off the beaten path which gives you the opportunity to see the true beauty of the Tuscan country side and the people who live here.

Down time – There is ample time to relax, renew and refresh your spirit.

Meals – Again, we believe there is no better way to experience Tuscany than through its food and local culture. It is common to have a long lunch--sometimes for two or more hours. This is a wonderful time that is shared with our guests and it’s the most enjoyable time of the day. Good food, good conversation and good laughter with new and old friends is the recipe for a great lunch!

Balance and freedom from ress is why we love what we do!

Join us and find your balance!

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