Did you know?

Did you know … Part 1

"Viaggio tra i sapori e i colori della cucina italiana." That's the motto of the Unione Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo: "Travel through the tastes and colors of Italian cuisine."

Italian food is definitely traveling through taste and color. Even a regular plate of pici with ragu is a delight to eyes. The long barely yellow colored noodles and the deep red sauce are a perfect match. Then there’s the taste…the noodles are warm, soft and chewy and the sauce adds just the right flavor of garlic, onions and tomato to bring this simple dish alive. This simple idea of food bringing taste and colors together is where the Vietri comes in. The Veitri are handcrafted plates and they originate from a tradition that dates back several centuries in Italy. The hand-painted Vietri ceramic plates typically have the name of the restaurant and a design that illustrates the culinary specialty or a design related to the restaurant itself. Often the plate depicts the house special and is changed every few years or as the specialty of the house changes.

The Unione Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo was founded in Milano in 1964 by the writer-journalist Orio Vergani along with gourmet Angelo Berti and Dinao Villani, an advertising executive. Buon Ricordo started with 12 restaurants in 1964 and today numbers over 100, including foreign restaurants in Hong Kong, Japan, and the USA.

These plates are given to the guests as a parting gift and are meant to remind them of the good meal, good company and good memory. Many of these plates have become collector’s items and can be found in markets all over Italy but we think the best way to receive a “plate of good memories” is to enjoy a meal with good food, good friends and make life memories!

Now you know!

Join us in Tuscany for more fun facts!

“piatti del buon ricordo" (plates of good memory)

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