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Did you know Part 2

Did you know…Part 2

Tuscany is famous for its wavy green hills, wine, beautiful villas, sunflowers, cheese and hilltop villages from the 12th century but did you know that many famous movies were filmed right here in Tuscany?

Here’s the short list

Romero & Juliet (filmed in Pienza and Siena)

The English Patient (Montepulciano, Pienza, Siena)

Letters to Juliet (across southern Tuscany)

Midsummers’ Night Dream (Montalcino, Val d’Orca)

The Gladiator (Val d’Orca Valley)

The Twlight Saga New Moon (Montepulciano)

Room with a View (Florence)

La Vita e Bella (Arezzo)

Much Ado About Nothing (Chianti)

Stealing Beauty (Siena)

Portrait of a Lady (Lucca)

And who could forget the story of a broken hearted young woman who came to Tuscany on a vacation and stayed! That’s right Frances Mayes journey of love, anger, soul searching and house renovating was filmed right here in Cortona…Under the Tuscan Sun.

Now you know!

Join us in Tuscany for more fun facts!

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