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Our Story

These two high-school sweethearts, both from New Orleans, combined their love of food and travel and changed their life.  


George, a pilot and Linda, a school teacher, always spent their summers traveling the world in search of local customs. “I never wanted to be a tourist--I wanted to be a local,” says Linda of her years of travel. “I found myself bringing home souvenirs from local grocery stores.” During their journeys around the world, George and Linda were lucky enough to visit in many different places. This allowed them to experience the "real world" where they got to cook and eat in both obscure and off-the-beaten-path kitchens.  


During his "travels" George could often be found in the kitchen making traditional dishes with the local women; while Linda fell in love with the people, the food, the art, and the sense of community immediately. 


We want to share our experiences with everyone! 

Two Fifty-somethings enjoying our 2nd life!  Traveling, cooking, playing and enjoying every minute!  Instead of "buying" things,we started "buying" experiences...and in the process, opened 3 different cooking schools in 3 different countries. We found that family really is the most important thing and changing our life was the best decision we ever made.


So, you are probably wondering how and why we changed our lives so drastically? We did not sell our house, clothes or cars. We did not inherit millions or win the lottery. But we did decide it was time to step outside our box, enjoy life and spend quality time with each other and our family. So, the journey began...George and Linda re-imagined their life. Linda quit her job, George stopped commuting to work and started traveling! Our new motto is experience over things! So here we go…


Linda: Loves chocolate, thinks massages are a necessary thing and knows family comes first! Putting her teaching career behind her, Linda starting planning trips, family outings and experiences. 


George: Loves his drone, thinks cigars are a necessary thing and knows that life is short! A retired air force pilot, George has traveled the world, but not for fun. He decided to start traveling for the right reason while trying new things.


Family: 2 grown children, 5 grandchildren, 2 dachshunds and a host of special people. This new journey meant traveling and experiencing new things with the family! That is what quality time means...right? 


Join us on our adventures around the world and start experiencing life!

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