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"Gotta Do Menu"

  1. Open a cooking school in Tuscany

  2. Zip line in the Alps

  3. Ride bikes on the Santa Monica Pier

  4. Visit the forbidden city, China

  5. Walk the Great Wall of China

  6. Meditate at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

  7. Walk across the Mississippi River

  8. African Safari 

  9. View the Northern Lights from an igloo

  10. Disney World at Christmas

  11. Visit Machu Picchu

  12. Snorkle off the coast of Corscia

  13. Snorkle in Sardinia

  14. Jump off a boat into the Caribbean

  15. St. Lucia 

  16. Visit the Shrine of the Holy House

  17. Mykonos

  18. Ride in a Mardi Gras Parade

  19. Drive the PCH

  20. Drive Route 66 from start to finish

  21. Paris

  22. Petra, Jordan

  23. Go to airport & buy ticket on next flight 

  24. Bay of Fundy

  25. Visit all 50 states (2 to go)

  1. Disney World at Christmas

  2. Disney World at Easter

  3. Disney World at Thanksgiving

  4. Bay of Fundy

  5. Iceland

  6. Bike Santa Monic Pier

  7. Snorkle in Corsica

  8. African Safari

  9. Show Linda the Great Pyramid

  10. Machu Picchu

  11. Walk the Great Wall of China

  12. Visit the forbidden city in China

  13. Open a cooking school in Mexico

  14. See the butterfly migration in Mexico

  15. See the North Pole

  16. Petra, Jordan

  17. St Lucia rain forest

  18. Madagascar

  19. Skydive

  20. See Hanoi

  21. Hike the Himalayas

  22. Surf in Hawaii

  23. Smoke a cigar in Cuba

  24. Hang out in Key West

  25. Visit all 50 states with Linda (2 to go)



This is our list of places we want to go, foods we want to eat, and things we want to experience. 

Bold:  Not  yet accomplished
25 at a time!
Bold:  Not  yet accomplished
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